Tales to tell

The Jinni of the Falaj

Before many years, the city of Nizwa suffered from severe drought, and all of its villages had no water. However, Taymsa village had a falaj called Azeraqah which continued to flow. The people of a nearer village called Aradah envied them and decided to fight the village to take over the falaj. A woman from Taymsa was married to a man from Aradah and heard him talking to another man about their evil plans while she was making Omani bread, so when her husband went to pray, she rushed to warn her people walking on foot and covered a distance of one day walk in 10 minutes . Unfortunately, the people of Taymsa did not consider her warning, and the falaj was taken from them.

However, after few days, the water of the falaj dried, and when Aradah people went to check its source, they found a female Jinni there putting her finger in the source and preventing its water to flow. She told them that she would not take her finger off until they return the falaj to Taymsa’s people. Aradah’s people thought that they would not be able to use the falaj since the jinni is controlling its source, so they gave it back to Taymas’s people whom were very generous and helped them with some of the falaj’s water. Until today, the falaj water flows through Taymsa village watering its farms, animals, and people.